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5U01AI148114 (Mace, MPI)


Composition and structure of antibody receptors at the surface of primary human cells during immune activation

This proposal aims to understand the single-molecule distribution of Fc receptors on human innate immune cells

R01GM148504 (Mace, PI)


Defining the functional role of CD56 on human natural killer cells

The aims of this project are to dissect the molecular mechanisms of NCAM/CD56 function on human NK cell function



R0313021763 (Mace, PI)                                                                                                                                                                  


Generation of novel histoculture methods for studying human NK cell development

This proposal aimed to generate new models to study human NK cell development in ex vivo histocultures

1R01AI137073 (Mace, PI)                      


Defining the Role of Cell Migration In Human NK Cell Differentiation

This proposal aimed to define the poorly understood yet critical relationship between human NK cell migration

and differentiation.

1R01AI137275 (Mace, PI)                 


Determining the Role of the Replicative Helicase in Human NK Cell Development

The projects aimed to define the requirement for the CMG complex and, more broadly, proliferation and cell

division in human NK cell development

Junior Faculty Scholar Award (Mace, PI)    

American Society for Hematology                 

The aim of this project was to understand the requirements for human NK cell development through the study of patients with primary immune deficiency.

Role: PI

Virginia L. Simmons Foundation Mini-Collaborative Fund (Mace, PI)                                   

The aim of this project was to apply novel imaging and image analysis techniques (multiplexed histology) to the study of human NK cell development.

Caroline Wiess Law Fund for Research in Molecular Medicine (Mace, PI)                          

The aim of this project was to generate an in vitro model to study the effect of helicase mutations on human NK cell development.

Texas Medical Center Digestive Diseases Center Pilot/Feasibility Project  (Mace, PI)       

The aim of this project was to determine the effect of gut microbiome colonization on innate immune cell development in the neonate

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